Friday, December 10, 2010

GLAMINAR Weekend (Dec 4th/5th)

It all started in Venice beach at the condo. It was beau-ti-ful!!! Fabulous job Zarah!! The girls gathered and we reunited. I hadn't seen the girls since the GLAMINAR in Pasadena, CA back in July so it was great to see the girls again!

Kandee arrived and shortly after that we watched as she opened her lovely gifts! Such an honor it was to be able to experience it!

Here is a picture of some of us watching Kandee open presents! =]

The following day was the Los Angeles GLAMINAR - the last GLAMINAR ever!! It was such an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to go to three GLAMINARS. This one was extra special. Not only was it Kandee's final one but my bud Sam was proposed to! Such a cute proposal.

I am so glad i was able to attend the reunion/final GLAMINAR! I've met such wonderful hearts and am glad to call them my sisters! Thanks Kandee and GLAM sisters!

Much love,



  1. Wow! you met kandee johnson :O haha lucky girl :P xx

  2. Yea lol. She's a total sweetheart! =] Thanks for following my blog!<3